Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Really? Tropical Cannas in Minnesota?

Yes, you can have cannas in Minnesota, but it entails a lot of work!  I keep planting canna bulbs each year because of the magnificent cardinal red blossoms on top of  5 to 6 foot-tall stalks.  These flowers attact hummingbirds late into the summer. 

Between June 1 and June 15 of each year, I plant the bulbs in the ground, covered with 2 or so inches of soil.  Light soil is best, because pure black dirt can be too heavy when digging up the bulbs in the fall.

After the first frost, I cut back the canna stalks to about 3 inches above the soil.  I dig out the bulbs in a large clump, with most of the soil removed, and place them in plastic bins containing vermiculite or wood chips in my basement.  These large clumps produce the tallest and most flowers compared to bulbs that have been separated.

Until next year!


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