Thursday, August 14, 2014

Eating Eggs in Hakone Japan

Not too far from Mount Fuji is the town of Hakone.  We took the Tozan switchback train up the hillside in order to catch the Hakone Ropeway overlooking the hot springs of the Owaku-dani valley.  Plumes of sulfurous steam dot the valley creating an other-worldly view as you travel overhead.  We were treated to a clear view of glorious Mount Fuji at the end of the trip.  Walking a bit father led us to a surprising and truly Japanese experience - eating eggs cooked in the hot springs.  The egg shells turn black because of the sulfur in the water.  It is said you will have good luck from eating these special eggs!

Hakone Ropeway above the Owaku-dani valley 
Lu Ann Sidney eating an egg
Special hot spring-cooked eggs

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